The Dead Pussy Cat

The Dead Pussy Cat Poem
You's as stiff an' as cold as a stone, Little cat
Dey's done frowed out an lef you alone, Little cat
I'se a-strokin you fur,
But you don't never purr,
Nor hump up anywhere,
Little cat - Wy is dat?
Is yous purrin' and humpin' up done?

An' wy fer is yous little foot tied, Little cat?
Did dey pisen yous stummick inside, Little cat?
Did dey pound you wif bricks,
Or wif big nasty sticks
Or abuse you wif kicks
Little cat?
Tell me dat.

Did they holler whenever you cwied?
Did it hurt so very bad when you died, Little cat?
Oh! Wy din't you wun off and hide, Little cat?

I is wet in my eyes, 'cause I most always cwies
Wen a puss cat dies, Little cat, Tink of dat,
An' I's awfully solly besides.

Dest lay still down dere in de sof gwoun',
Wile I tucks de gween gwass all awoun', Litte cat.
Dey can't hurt you no more
Wen you's so tired and so sore,
Dest sleep quite, you pore Little cat
Wif a pat,

And fordet all de kicks of de town.


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