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Infusionsoft for Real Estate Lead Management

Putting Your Lead Management on Auto-Pilot!

Demo Infusionsoft Lead Management for Realtors

I have been supporting the housing industry for years by building real estate websites, writing search engine-friendly content, and blogging on different real estate topics. Through the process, I have met hundreds of successful Realtors from all around the country, and just as many who struggle and never make it in their career. Without trying, I have learned a lot about what works and what does not work for agents in the area of lead generation and how to manage the large numbers of potential customers a well-optimized website can bring.

During that magical time of the real estate boom in the mid 2000's, there were so many people waiting to buy property that it was like casting a line into the middle of a huge school of fish - you hardly needed to bait the hook. Many agents had leads coming in daily, often twenty or thirty every single day! The hardest part of the job was choosing which ones to cherry pick and call back. The rest were left to turn elsewhere or just stashed in a database and forgotten.

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Needless to say those days have been gone for several years, and agents now want to retain and hopefully connect with every single potential buyer or seller they can. A great website can still bring in more leads than someone can manage manually, however, and it's always a struggle to figure out a way to best keep the customer "on the hook", keep your name in the back of his mind, and make him contact you when he's ready to make a move.
             no more cherry-picking

Recently, I have heard a lot of BUZZZZZ about real estate agents getting involved with "Infusionsoft", a lead management software. Over the years, I have seen them try a lot of different tools and strategies that failed to perform. Because so many agents are looking at Infusionsoft these days, I sat down with one of the top agents in the country, Realtor and Career Coach, Greg Harrelson and conducted a Q&A session to learn about it, so I could offer advice to my customers who ask about lead management.   Below is what Greg had to say about this product which he believes in so strongly:

Greg Harrelson at Century 21 Seminar

Infusionsoft Changes the Real Estate Game

Question 1 - Why are you using Infusionsoft?

Greg: - "I was looking to take my communication to another level. Too many people are sending useless content to their databases. I wanted to find a better way to send relevant content to my database. Because every lead can have different needs, I needed to find a way to monitor their interests and customize my message to fit their needs. I could only do this through using a software program like Infusionsoft."

Question 2 - What system were you using before?

Greg: - "I was using Results Mail, Mail Chimp and Top Producer."

Question 3 - What is the biggest difference between those CRM's and Infusionsoft?

Greg: - "Infusionsoft is more than a CRM. Those other systems were fine for email distribution, yet it just didn't help me reach my ultimate goals of consistent communication."

Question 4 - How long did it take for you to transition from your old strategies to the new strategy?

Greg: - "It took me about 60 days to make the transition from one application to another. The thing that took the longest was creating the content (email form letters) necessary to send to my different databases. For those that are purchasing the software with my content, it only takes about two weeks to get up and running."

Question 5 - What was your biggest frustration about Infusionsoft?

Greg: - "My biggest frustration is personal execution. Once I learned the power of this application, I starting wanting to implement everything at once. Like anything else, I had to set priorities and complete one circle at a time."

Question 6 - What advice would you offer someone who is thinking of buying Infusionsoft?

Greg: - "First, they need to sign up for a demo! Do not buy it without seeing how this works. Just like buying a car, get in the car and test it before you buy it.   Second, focus on creating emails that have VALUE to the reader. This is not the same as value to the Realtor!   Third, work on building your database everyday."

I think this is some great advice for an agent that decides to use this software. In addition to the above questions, Greg also said that that database marketing is likely to be the best "new revenue" form of lead generation introduced to the real estate industry in years.

Demo Infusionsoft Lead Management for Realtors