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Chilton Village, England

Chiltons on the Mayflower

A Reverse Pilgrimmage

This is the beginning of a visit to my past. I know by finding this charming little town that not all Chiltons left England as Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower. (In fact, if you are a Chilton laying claim to Mayflower heritage, you'd better look again, as there were no male Chiltons who survived or had heirs on that particular voyage!) ... Most Chiltons landed in Virginia, or New York; and, later, ventured to Missouri, Tennessee and points west.

At any rate, this is my little pilgrimmage in reverse, from America back to England.

Thank you for letting me share this tiny photographic voyage with you.

~~Musical note: There are two alternating tunes in the background: "Country Gardens," (played with the same mistakes on the piano that I made when I played it at age four)-- or, "The Four Marys," in honor of Mary Chilton, who, according to history as well as a painting in the U.S. Capitol, was the first woman to step upon Plymouth Rock ~ ~
Elizabeth Susanne Chilton

Venice, California USA
(prepared with love - July, 1999)

En Route

Chilton Village Road Sign

This sign appears on a highway about 45 miles west of London.

I am so grateful to a penpal on the internet by the name of Peter Dalton, who spotted my family name and took the time and trouble to stop at the Village and take these photos--also to one of the local Churchwardens at All Saints Chilton Church, Chris Rust, who corrected and added to my background information.

The Road to Chilton Village

The road to the left is Main Street; to the right, "The Lane", meandering past the Village Green and a beautiful timbered ediface called Place Farm, where I understand an author resides.

The next two photos will be other views of this lovely spot.

Ye Olde Pump

Chilton Village Pump

Taken across the street from the Village Green, a genuine pump that still functions!

The Green

Chilton Village Scenery

From here, we'll go swinging down The Lane (couldn't resist that) towards the village pub. That, possibly, is where everybody is hanging out...but, in the meantime...

An ornithologist must live here!

Lavish Shrub Design in Chilton Village England

Those are Yew trees. Identity of birds in the bush are left to your own imagination...

More Ornamentation

Even More Shrub Designing in Chilton Village England

Judging from the evidence thus far, the villagers of Chilton have very little to occupy their waking hours...but, hark ~ coming up is the pub!

Where is everybody?? Dare we hope to spy a person in the midst of downing an ale or two??


The Rose and Crown Pub, Chilton Village England

It's called the Rose & Crown...We'll have to go on the assumption that everyone is either sequestered within -- or at the Church, working on the bells (more on that in a minute).

One more shot (photo, that is) of the Rose & Crown coming up...There is also a wonderful pen-and-ink sketch of the R & C, as well as of the Church, in a link I'll tell you about, also a bit later...

The World-Famed Rose & Crown

The Rose and Crown Pub, Chilton Village

Looks pretty deserted, doesn't it? No vehicles parked outside...not even a horse tied up at the hitching post! Not so much as one designated driver in sight here!

...Possibly, sheer loneliness was the motivation for so many Chiltons to head for Holland and the New World! (or too much peace and quiet!)

All Saints Chilton, Oxfordshire

All Saints Chilton, Oxfordsire England

I am forced to reveal to you that I did not find the name of Chilton on a single gravestone listed by the church...pretty much of an indication that we Chiltons did, indeed, grow restless and head for other pastures elsewhere.
The original church with its present nave was built about 1160-1180, the present chancel in the 14th century; and, beginning in 1847 through 1962, they began to revise, extend and restore, exactly as you can perceive by the change in architecture.
Funds are currently being raised for restoration of the All Saints Chilton Bells, built in 1623. I plan to be a contributor, and hope others with the name of Chilton will join in this nostalgic endeavor!

A most beautiful grand finale! All Saints Chilton ~

All Saint's Chilton Vestibule - Chilton Village England

I have future plans to be entering these doors soon for a personal visit. If you happen to be in this area, I certainly hope you, too, will stop here.

The Rector is Chris Stott. The Assistant Minister is Mary Carney - - and hooray for this feminine representation! (We hereby designate her as one of the honorary "Four Marys" in the background tune.) The Churchwardens at All Saints Chilton are Carol Pigott and Chris Rust (who may be reached via e-mail for details about the bell situation, at: chris.rust@merant.com).

I feel sure that any assistance so that Chilton's Bells can ring in 2000 would be gratefully received! (Although, let me emphasize that this is in no way a solicitation.)

Further information on another internet site about Chilton Village and All Saints Chilton is at: Chilton Oxon, with the pen-and-ink sketches mentioned earlier as well as the list of names on the gravestones at the Church.

Also see this website dedicated completely to another Chilton village, that offers a glimpse into the lives of its residents and way of life.   Chilton Foliat

Thank you again for sharing this visit...from a Chilton in the "New World."

~ Dedicated to all of the other Chiltons on the planet --- May you all travel safely and be well always!

Susanne Chilton

Re-edited 2010, by her friend, Jan Chilton (A very distant relative, no doubt! :-)

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